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 ... the news regarding someone who may return in the specials this year...

I'm not getting my hopes up. Much as I love Martha the article in question was in the Sun, and it also said that Noel Clarke was going to return as Mickey, which I think is very doubtful as I distinctly remember reading somewhere that Noel wasn't going to be in Torchwood because he only returned in series 4 to give the character some closure, so it's not likely he'll be coming back to Who.

Which is a shame, because I love them both, but what can you do? If I don't expect anything I can't be disappointed.

I also have a fic rec:

Other days by aralias 

I don't really read that much Jackson fic, but I've been waiting for fic with Jackson and the Master ever since TND, and finally someone wrote it. It's gen - and action/adventure,and there's some nice dialogue between the Master and Jackson, well, as nice as it can get when the Master's involved, and is all very well written.


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Jan. 28th, 2009 07:47 pm (UTC)
I will probably explode with squee if Martha DOES come back. I don't believe for one second that Mickey will be back.

But until there's an official announcement, I don't believe a word!
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