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Episode Review: Waters of Mars

I’ve been very quiet again, but I just had to post about Waters of Mars.

I’ll admit, much as I was looking forwards to Doctor Who on my TV again, the trailer didn’t exactly have me hooked; it looked a bit too much like 42 to me.

But actually, the trailer was misleading; it was absolutely amazing.

The Doctor was genuinely chilling at the end of this episode. I knew it was only a matter of time before the power went to his head (if it hadn’t already). His realisation that he controls time was just terrifying. I’m a big fan of evil, powerful Doctor, if only because when he’s being evil and powerful there’s no time for him to be emo and crying.

When I was watching it, all I could think was “This is it, he’s finally snapped.” And of course, he seemed like the Master, power-crazy and a little bit batshit insane. Although, of course, the Doctor’s more subtle, he at least has some dignity.

Speaking of that lovable insane Time Lord – it was nice to finally see a high quality picture of the Master in all his blond, stubbley glory. Also, evil laugh FTW. And I’ve seen this somewhere while browsing, but the flashing skull thing seemed very Classic Who, didn’t it? My first thought went to crusty Master from the Deadly Assassin.

It gave me hope for the finale, which is always good, since I’m ridiculously excited about Christmas now, mainly because of that trailer. Even though I knew they were both going to be in it, it didn’t stop me squeeing and imagining the TV exploding on Christmas day due to the awesomeness of both Donna and the Master being on the screen. I’m crossing my fingers for a bitch fight. Lots of slapping and scratching and hair-pulling, please. Or if not that, then at least Donna slapping the Master.



Nov. 15th, 2009 11:44 pm (UTC)
It was amazing wasn't it. I LOVED insane,power mad Ten! David Tennant was just incredible! 6 long weeks til Xmas now! Damn it!