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Life, the Universe and Everything

24 September 1992
The reason I actually made this account was to post my Doctor Who fic. Somehow, things such as episode reviews, memes,
rants, recs and the occasional real life post worked their way in there as well. Don’t know how that happened. So when I’m not
complaining about having ‘writer’s block’, I do post my fan fiction. I always forget to put a disclaimer in it so I’ll say it here:
I do not own Doctor Who or anything to do with it. Everything is property of the BBC and I am merely borrowing the
characters etc. out of love for a slightly daft TV show. I’m not making any money out of it. The same applies to any
crossover characters I may use.

All my fic can be found here

Doctor/Master mood theme made by schattengrafik

The Master pwns all. 'Nuff said.

doctor who, master

Made by aryas_icons

Doctor/Donna !


You're not mating with me, sunshine

Made by radiogaga80

Journal and Friending

- My journal is semi-friends locked.
- All fics and episode reviews are public.
- Real life entries etc. are f-locked.
- Comments are love!
- Friending is alays welcomed
- If I've friended you it's either because a) I love your fic/icons/art b) I've stumbled across you and we have similar interests
and you seem like a nice person etc. or c) We've chatted before and I'd like to chat again sometime.